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Dothan healthcare services

Don’t take your family’s health lightly. Let West Main Medical Center provide quality care for you and your loved ones in every stage of life, including preventive care and routine health checks. We are currently accepting new patients, so call today to make your first appointment.

Patient services

Our team of licensed nurses and physicians can provide a range of services thanks to the variety of medical specialities represented on our staff. We're proud to offer the following care and treatment services to our Dothan patients:
  • Treatment of chronic conditions
  • Acute illness treatment
  • Preventative medical care
  • X-rays and other diagnostic testing
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Our Doctors

Our doctors include a range of general physicians and specialists to treat all ages and health conditions.
  • Dr. Marylynn Parker, MD: acute and chronic care, diagnostic testing, Family Practice
  • Dr. J. Wes Nelson, MD, PhD: Certified Airman Medical Examiner, physicals: day-care, schools, DOT, diagnostic testing, blood testing, X-rays, Family Practice
  • Dr. John C. Wessner, MD: Internal Medicine, acute and chronic care, diagnostic testing, X-rays
  • Dr. Steven D. Harris, MD: specializes in balance testing, acute or chronic ear, nose, and throat issues 
  • Dr. Frank T. Crockett, MD: Internal medicine, acute and chronic illnesses, diagnostic testing, X-rays
Call Us Today: (334) 793-6556
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